The workshop concept relies on four strong values:

INTEGRITY – honesty, loyalty, ethical in all situations

INDEPENDENCE – free control, support & influence of the workshop

TRAINING – continuous skills & knowledge development

EXPERTISE – quality & reliable repair at the first time

Every NEXUSAUTO workshop respects 5 commitments:

EFFICIENCY – Best Value at the best price
NEXUSAUTO commits to put in place simple, fast and efficient distribution channels. This model must meet the expectations of its network in terms of availability and delivery lead-time.

EXCELLENCE – Certified OE level maintenance
NEXUSAUTO commits to a quality of service that maintains the guarantees offered by the manufacturers and assures its customers of the completion of the work in accordance with industry standards. Quality without compromise is its priority in customer service.

MASTER – Quality repair
NEXUSAUTO commits to base its repair and maintenance network on current techniques as well as future technologies in order to best meet consumer expectations.

INNOVATION – Valuables ideas
NEXUSAUTO commits to bring to its network modern and connected tools that will allow it to meet the challenges of the future. In addition, the network commits to being environmentally responsible. Through the development of partnerships with innovative enterprises and the emergence of ideas coming from international networks, NEXUSAUTO will contribute to the differentiation of its products and services and thus accelerate its development.

SHARING – Better together
NEXUSAUTO commits to maintain balanced relations with its partners, to institute and to organise communication and exchange structures within its network. Nexus also commits to developing guidelines for workshops with the goal of allowing its network to benefit from best practice, and so constantly improve its performance.

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